Feb. 26, 2021

Bye Fry's, HyperX to HP and My Take on BlizzCon 2021

Bye Fry's, HyperX to HP and My Take on BlizzCon 2021

No Surprise about Fry's!

In This Episode…

Fry’s electronics is no more. I’ve had fond memories of getting the pc components I needed to build my computer, but the store over the years never had anything I wanted. It’s sad to see it gone, but, not surprising that it went out of business.


Show Notes

●      [01:23] Destiny 2: The Witch Queen Expansion is delayed                

●      [01:48] System Shock is coming out this year                           

●      [02:58] Outriders has a demo

●      [03:43] Anthem is no more    

●      [05:51] A new beta update for Steam

●      [07:12] Valheim is in early access and gamers are loving it

●      [08:34] Amazon Luna opens up

●      [10:50] HyperX is being acquired by HP

●      [12:35] Fry’s Electronics is no more

●      [16:37] Let’s talk about BlizzCon Online  


People, Games, and Companies, We Mentioned in the Show

●      System Shock

●      Outriders

●      Anthem

●      BlizzCon Online 2021

●      Overwatch 2

●      Diablo 4

●      Diablo 2 Resurrected

●      Amazon Luna

●      HyperX

●      Kingston

●      HP

●      Destiny 2

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