May 4, 2016

Creating content is hard, that’s why I talk about it today!

Creating content is hard, that’s why I talk about it today!

Plus, other marketing news!

Today's Episode

Creating content can be tough. It is, to me, like chasing the sun. We are always trying to find/create the best content to get noticed. However, everyone is doing that. That is tons of competition and how does a small business do it well? I think it all starts with knowing your brand. This is cliche, but important. You, the owner, are the expert on the brand. You know it like no one else. Now, how can you convey that to your audience or future customers? This strategy comes in handy. I would sit down and write three characteristics of your brand. This is the best way to figure out your brand. Then, craft your personality based on that. After all, that is done, create a few samples to show to people. Find out which one best hits your audience. Create about three templates. Once you have a feel for it, figure out your hashtag. Be sure no one is using it. Then create a social media calendar. Then, test and keep on testing. Find out more below!

Marketing Discussed:

Vine is on Windows 10

Twitter brings log-out ads to the mobile web

Instagram is testing out brand profiles

Instagram wants more ads

Adobe buys Livefrye

Google Slides adds real-time Q&A

I talk about the basics of creating content

Tools to use:

Moz Keyword Explorer



Star Wars crawl








What tools do you use to create content?


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