April 5, 2016

Curious case of tech news: Twitter, Facebook and bots

Curious case of tech news: Twitter, Facebook and bots

Bots are taking over our apps!

Today's Episode

It seems like every day, we get more and more bots. Slack was one of the companies that made them popular. Now, other companies are implementing bots. Skype is doing it, and now, Kik. I think we are beginning to see the consumer side of AI take hold. I know, we have had Siri for a while, but this is a much bigger step. Siri was only on one platform. Bots are being implemented on multiple platforms. They are becoming the next “apps.” Soon we will say, “there's a bot for that.” It will be interesting to see what evolution comes about from these bots. I am excited to see that. I may be the only person to say that, but, it's true. Now, time for the curious case of tech news!

Discussing the curious case of tech.. or the stories I'm talking about:

Kik now has bots and it's serious

Microsoft is testing out a premium Outlook

Etsy launches patterns.

Twiter scores a big deal with the NFL

Twitter adds a DM button on tweets

Microsoft may launch surface phones in 2017

Facebook has a new AI to describe pictures to blind people

Sawyer wants you to schedule classes for your kids

and more!

The Curious Case of Apps to try:


Kik Bot Store



Medium for Publishers


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