July 12, 2016

Digital Coffee, on the hunt to catch tech or Pokemon

Digital Coffee, on the hunt to catch tech or Pokemon

Plus, password sharing is now a federal crime... oh my!

Today's Episode

Who knew people wanted to catch virtual pets? Well, Pokemon Go is a hit and people want to it, more than go on dates. So Tinder, you have met your match, and it has swiped left. There were some privacy concerns with Pokemon. The biggest concern was the Google Accounts vulnerability that is patched. However, a senator wants to look at what data is being collected with this game. A game about finding virtual pets in the real world. I get a feeling they need lots of data to know where you are and to show you where to find the next Pokemon. Just be sure to never share your password. Yes, that is now a federal crime. Password sharing is a big no-no to the government!

Now, let's catch all the tech news down below.

Tech News Episode:

Twitter now has a 15 mb limit on gifs. (web only)

Twitter has a new deal with Bloomberg

Vine is not doing so well…

AVAST acquires AVG

People want to catch Pokemon not go on Tinder

There's a few problems with Pokemon Go

Google wants to help you plan your trip

ASUS made the Zenophone 3 awesome again

Google aqui-hires for spaces

Sharing your password may be a federal crime

Windows 10 may get a subscription for businesses

and more!

Apps/Programs to Try:



Two Factor Auth

Chirp for Twitter



Are you playing Pokemon Go?

Tweetable Quotes:

People really want to catches Pokemon. More than they want to go on dates…. Got to catch them all?

Geez we need consent for everything.

Twitter needs to find a way to make Vine relevant again.

Samsung is not hiding the fact they will unveil the Galaxy Note 7. Like they need to.

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