Jan. 25, 2017

Facebook less personalized and why the media hates facts, logic, speech?

Facebook less personalized and why the media hates facts, logic, speech?

The Media cares about unsecured tech now...

Today's Episode
Facebook is doing it again! They are copying Snapchat, but, really, just taking Instagram stories and putting it on Facebook. So, they are copying, the copy. They are putting new ads in Messenger and doing away with a personalized trending topic. It's an interesting move for Facebook. I really do not know what to think about this. Then we have Ellen K. Pao. If you do not know her, she is the former CEO of Reddit. She's back on the censorship train. She is calling on Jack to ban the President from Twitter. The funny part is she disabled comments on her Medium post. Find out what I have to say about this and more!

Show Timeline:
Apple sues Qualcomm
Inmoji is the interactive version of emoji
Tostitos wants you to no drink and drive.
News Feed-like ads coming to Messenger
Oh, look! Stories is coming to Facebook
Goodbye personalized trending topics
Women March and Porn
Some Federal agencies stop tweeting and it's normal
Microsoft goes after Chromebooks
The New FCC and the media hate it.
Google Voice is getting and update
Snapchat on iOS gets a redesign
The media now cares about secure phones for elected officials
No, recode, a journalist can interview who they want.
The irony on Ellen Pao censorship call for President Trump on Twitter.
Apps/Programs to try this Week:
Google Voice 2017
Box Notes
Highlights from the Show:
Why does the tech media care about an unsecured tech now? Why did not you care when Hillary did it?

I'm telling you Messenger is going to Facebook.

Ms. Pao you care about diversity, except the most important one, diversity of thought.

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