June 8, 2016

Facebook Pages get an update and Pinterest is great for shoppers!

Facebook Pages get an update and Pinterest is great for shoppers!

Twitter redesigns its Android app and Google AMP adds more ads!

Today's Episode

Social media designs are always changing. Pinterest, Twitter, Snapchat and Facebook all go through it; some are better received than others. However, it is a fact of technology. Another fact is how much traffic each site brings. Some are better than others and some drive awareness better than others. Ads are another industry that is going to change. Many people do not like ads. Digital ads have been terrible for years and now companies are starting to take notice. Ad blockers and some browsers are going after these bad practices and it's going to hurt companies. The problem is, it's our fault. We let this happen and now we pay the price for it. People can only take some much before they start taking action. It's always better to make great ads and take your time with them. Throwing ads out there is not going to cut it anymore. We have to make the best ads possible if we want people to buy our products. Final thought, there are many tools out there pick the right tool that you are comfortable with. Tools are meant to be used.

Marketing News Analyzed:

Facebook Pages are going to change… hopefully for the better

Pinterest really does drive the sales!

AMP has some new ads coming

Twitter redesigns its Android app

Mailchimp has a new feature called Product Recommendations

Snapchat updates its “Discover” tab

Facebook is testing out destructible posts

and more!

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What do you think of the new Facebook Pages?


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