March 19, 2021

Gaming Media Doesn't Understand Toxic or Gaming

Gaming Media Doesn't Understand Toxic or Gaming

It's time we stop looking to them for answers

In This Episode…

Another week and another blame game coming from the gaming media. They forget that they are the ones that started putting a spotlight on people’s terrible behavior online. That is why people do it. Instead blame a developer that just gets the terrible comments. Let’s all read and listen to what they say and call their bs.

Show Notes

●      [01:12] Corsair has launched a new small keyboard               

●      [03:11] Microsoft to bring Auto HDR to PC                  

●      [05:28] Nvidia is bringing a DLSS plugin to Unreal Engine                  

●      [07:30] New update for Nvidia bringing Nvidia Reflex to Overwatch      

●      [09:52] AMD may be releasing its version of DLSS this year

●      [12:06] Activision CEO just did a dick move… again

●      [15:22] EA Play is finally on Xbox Game Pass for PC

●      [18:24] Nvidia is about to raise the price of Geforce Now

●      [20:08] If you have Game Pass don’t buy Outrider

●      [21:49] Bungie fixed the bug no one wanted to be fixed

●      [22:49] Gothic Remake is coming…

●      [23:53] Respawn uses the ban hammer   

●      [25:09] We should stop listening to the gaming media

People and Companies, We Mentioned in the Show

●      Nvidia

●      AMD

●      EA

●      Microsoft

●      Geforce Now

●      Activision

●      Bungie

●      Respawn

●      Gaming Media

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