Jan. 24, 2017

Google+ and LinkedIn update and why business should say about politics

Google+ and LinkedIn update and why business should say about politics

Yes, I talk about politics.

Today's Episode
It happened, LinkedIn update is a great step forward in 2017. They unveiled their new web design and it looks great. They were talking about it for months and now they are rolling it out. I will add that I do not have it yet. It's a really slow rollout. If you have not gotten it yet, just sit tight. The update emphasizes content. This is just the push to be more modern on their website. It needed to happen. It's the best gift for social media in 2017!

I also talk about the need for businesses to stay neutral. It is the best policy. Unless you can guarantee there is no backlash and you are on the side that wins, it's a bad idea. If you want to know, Target paid the price for this. The bathroom policy good or bad had a consequence. Their sales went down 20 percent. It was a bad business move. Find out why down below.

Show Timeline:
Youtube gets access to Google ad targeting
People are not happy with Twitter
LinkedIn gets a web redesign
Pinterest offers ad groups to paid campaigns
TripAdvisor gets interesting
Staples made a useful easy button
DuckDuckGo is getting bigger
A new study shows best and words keywords
Is progressive web apps the future?
Google updates Google+?
Business should not say and stay out of politics
App/Programs to Try this Week:
Highlights from the Show:
TripAdvisor needs to step carefully about this new update.

Google still cares about Google+, weird.

Businesses need to stay neutral when we talk about politics.

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