May 18, 2016

Google i/o starts today and a new Facebook study

Google i/o starts today and a new Facebook study

Firebase is a mobile marketers dream and know your brand

Today's Episode

Google io is here! The best part of it was the announcement of Firebase 2.0. It is shaping up to be a great tool. There are a few great tidbits. One, there is an analytics tool optimized for mobile. Two, it can be used for iOS and Android and it's free! The demo's today show how powerful it can be. Dynamic links will help developers get people to download their apps with fewer clicks. They can also track who's clicking on them too. Messaging users are simple as well. Firebase allows developers to target their customers and hopefully convert mover with some timely messages. Firebase should help developers and marketers find better ways of getting those eyeballs. Let's see if Android developers respond. On another note, I do like the change Pinterest has made to measuring the reach of pins. Instead of only counting what has been liked, repinned or saved from the source. It also counts other's that have done the same through other accounts. Things are looking interesting in 2016. Now, on with the show!

Marketing News Discussed:

A study on what people post on Facebook in the summer

Facebook is testing out video comments

Pinterest changes the metric for likes, repins and saves

A new study finds that brands, publishers and celebrities love links in their tweets

Twitter might remove links and pictures from their character limits

Twitter is going to embed ads

Talking about Google i/0 2016

A look at Firebase

Why you should not be like Google and bring too many similar products to the market

and more!

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What do you think about Google Firebase, Spaces, Allo and Duo?


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