Sept. 6, 2019

HOW-TO: Contact Steamers To Join Your Team

HOW-TO: Contact Steamers To Join Your Team

Communicate the right way

You've got a list of the streamers you want to work with, great! Now is the time to contact them. In this episode, I go through some tips on how to effectively contact them. Do not be the marketer who gets no response!

If you don't care about what the streamer does, why should they care?

Show Notes:

  • Coffee Review
  • Gaming News
  • Doom 64 could be coming to PC
  • Splinter Cell may be coming back
  • VR game shows off lightsaber duels
  • Steam finally updates the UI
  • How to Contact a Streamer
  • How you should start
  • What you should do with research
  • How to communicate
  • What’s your CTA?
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