Sept. 13, 2019

HOW-TO: Write a Contract for Influencers

HOW-TO: Write a Contract for Influencers

It's as Easy as Finding a Template

The last part of the series. This week, I'm discussing contracts. The worst part in getting a stream team together. I discuss breaking up contracts into the groups in the excel spreadsheet and what is the most important parts of the contract.

Show Notes:

  • What Brewing Method I use on the Weekends
  • Gaming Updates
  • EA Wants Tester for "Project Atlas"
  • Destiny 2 is Not Working on Weapons 2.0
  • Civ 6 has a Battle Royale Mode
  • Best Buy will not Price Match NewEgg
  • Rage 2 is getting it's First Expansion
  • Gears 5 is out
  • How to write a Contract
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