March 8, 2017

I dig into Vault 7, hate on Instagram and vulnerabilities in tech

I dig into Vault 7, hate on Instagram and vulnerabilities in tech

CIA is the worst hacking group?

Today's Episode
Vault 7, it sounds like a new vault from Fallout, but, it's not. The bombshell dropped on Tuesday about what the government is up to. It's usually no good. It was discovered that the CIA is spying on everyone. They can do some terrible acts too. Time to talk about this and understand that tech has vulnerabilities. All new tech has mistakes. These are usually exploits of vulnerabilities. However, the government should be willing to help companies combat these things. I will talk about why the government is wrong in doing this and more. Enjoy!

Show Timeline:
WhatsApp is testing a way to make money
Instagram adds geostickers because it can
Google Docs and work together for the better
Sudden Coffee wants to make Instant coffee great again
Gobi raises money to take on Snapchat
Talking about Vault 7
US government wants your data
Confide may not be so secure
Tech companies denying what Vault 7 says
Microsoft is shutting down their social network you didn't know about
Pinterest acquires Jelly
Google acquires Kaggle
Vimeo rolls out support for 360 video
Microsoft and ARM go after Intel's server business
Apps/Programs to Try:
Penny 2.0
Anchor 2.0
Layer Case
Highlights from the Show:
I'm throwing Instagram under the bus.

CIA you should help companies protect your citizens.

I've known about talked about SmartTVs having terrible security.

Anchor 2.0 is great. I love the new direction.

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