May 11, 2016

Instagram goes black and white and more marketing news

Instagram goes black and white and more marketing news

Facebook loves the ads and some tools to try out!

Today's Episode

Chatbots, they are going to take over social media. They are the new customer service automation. Instead of calling a machine, the customer, is going to chat with a machine. It's the natural evolution of automation. Where be canned response should be organic language. They are not yet, but, they will get there eventually. Businesses are scrambling to make the next great hit on social media. Customers and users should except to see more of these. Some will be great, others, not so much. Facebook and Instagram now hearts ads. They have announced plans to use more retargeting ads. This may seem like a win for marketers, but, more people are turning towards adblockers. It is no surprise people are doing this either. We are bombarded by ads. It gets to be too much and people are turning to programs to turn them off. Most ads are not good. Most are annoying and most people would rather skip them. However, this is how a business survives. The problem is, advertising has not changed very much. As technology has advanced, the way we advertise has remained the same. Snapchat is the only social network I know of that is doing something different. Now it's to see what other topics I will discuss today.

Marketings News I Discuss:

Periscope new updates and why you should be on it

Yoast SEO has a vulnerability and you need to update now

Adobe ups it's Martech game

Instagram is going to be doing retargeting ads

Why retargeting ads may not be the future

Instagram's new icon design and redesign

LinkedIn is looking to do their own Instant Article

The chatbots are taking over

and more!

Programs/Tools to try:




Boost the News



Event Calendar App




Do you like the Instagram redesign? Do you think chatbots are the next big thing?


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