Nov. 26, 2016

Is it time to rethink the Brand Voice?

Is it time to rethink the Brand Voice?

Plus, Facebook and it's bad metrics

Today's Episode
Businesses care about their brand voice. It is the only thing customers know about the brand… usually. This is the way the company conveys its message to the world. Businesses spend hours on getting it right. However, have we gotten it all wrong? This election shows always being sorry for any perceived outrage may not be the best strategy. Maybe, just maybe, we marketers need to branch out and have a slight offending voice. We all know we cannot please everyone. Businesses do try, but, fail at it all the time. Pleasing everyone is never a great strategy. Losing customers is not either, but, you will lose some customers. I have never seen any business keep all their customers. The reason is, not all of their followers are loyal customers. They may be a one time purchase. It's important to know that and work to make a brand voice that speaks to your loyal customers.

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Marketing News Analyzed:
More than one way to promote your app on Google!
Mobile targeting slowly getting better
Facebook is done with Marketing Partners
Instagram adds live video and disappearing messages
Twitter is the most used social sharing button
Facebook and search
Facebook has some explaining to do
Questioning Facebook Metrics
Should we rethink Brand Voice
Apps/Programs To Try:
Google Sites
Tweetable Quotes:
I am starting to question how good Facebook's algorithms are.

Have we been doing brand voice all wrong?

Search is going to be big for Facebook in 2017.

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