June 25, 2021

Is the Future of Gaming with FSR and Windows 11?

Is the Future of Gaming with FSR and Windows 11?

Talking about AMD's FSR and Windows 11

In This Episode…

Steam Summer Sale and finally seeing what Microsoft is doing with Windows 11. It looks like a great time to PC game if you have your computer built. I discuss the future of gaming, new games, Overwatch crossplay, and more!


Show Notes

●      [01:00] Aliens: Fireteam Elite gets a new name and release date

●      [02:17] Nine to Five is an interesting old school Rainbow Six Siege game                    

●      [04:29] Overwatch Crossplay is here… ugh

●      [07:38] FSR is finally here!

●      [09:46] Valorant has player progression?

●      [11:17] GPUs are finally stabilizing?

●      [12:45] Tencent buys another gaming company?

●      [14:30] PAX West is back on!

●      [15:23] Activision Blizzard gets tone-deaf about CEO package payments

●      [17:34] AMD drops support of older graphics cards

●      [19:03] AMD Radeon 6600XT is coming soon.

●      [20:09] Steam Summer Sale is here!

●      [21:30]Let’s talking about Windows 11 and the future of gaming


People, Games, and Companies, We Mentioned in the Show

●      Aliens: Fireteam Elite

●      FSR

●      Nine to Five

●      Overwatch

●      Valorant

●      GPUs

●      Tencent

●      Yager

●      Steam Summer Sale

●      PAX West

●      AMD

●      Radeon 6600XT

●      Windows 11

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