Dec. 30, 2016

It’s time for the Best of 2016 Gaming List!

It’s time for the Best of 2016 Gaming List!

It's good to recognize when the gaming industry made great games!

Today's Episode
Oh, 2016. You had some memorable games this year. This episode I talk about my best of 2016 gaming list. I have my list and I did check it twice. This was the best game to come out of 2016. It was a good year for strategy and first-person shooters. I will miss 2016 because we got some great titles and the rise of VR. 2017 should tell us if VR is here to stay or a bust. Here's to more exciting games in 2017. I think 2017 is the year of the RPG.

Show Timeline:
Hero Song shuts down and developer out of business
Mass Effect: Andromeda to showcase at CES 2017
Developers remember Carrie Fisher
Former Crysis studio goes independent
A modder is recreating X-Wing in the Unity Engine.
Hitman's new elusive target is a food critic
PNY gets a faster SSD
Postal goes open source
Star Citizen kinda has a new engine
Windows is getting a “gaming mode”
Day of Infamy is in beta now
Valve gets hit by 2.4 million fine
My Best of 2016 Gaming List
Gaming Deals:
Amazon Digital Day (only today)
Steam Winter Sale
Grand Theft Auto Franchise Sale
Capcom Games Sale
Bestseller Sale
Highlights from the Show:
Hitman lets you get your frustration out of food critics!

It's funny how people got mad at Star Citizen for changing engines, when, they really didn't.

I hope this modder does finish his X-Wing project.

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