July 16, 2021

It's time We Talk about the Cheating Problem

It's time We Talk about the Cheating Problem

It's becoming a crisis

In This Episode…

Cheating seems to have gotten worse over the years. Now, you can’t play a game without someone cheating. It’s so bad that players are made that developers are not doing more to stop the tide of cheating. What is there to do? We talk about that and more in this episode!


Show Notes

●      [01:03] Elgato stream is coming.        

●      [01:36] Hackers really want EA to pay up.     

●      [02:51] Company of Heroes 3 is coming.

●      [04:44] Destiny 2 and Halo may have another crossover.

●      [05:57] Activision goes after a cheat maker

●      [07:32] A modder created a dark mode for Overwatch.

●      [08:57] DLSS comes to Red Dead Redemption 2

●      [10:35] Cyberpunk 2077 fans roasted CDPR

●      [13:01] Roze 2.0 is interesting in dark corners.

●      [14:28] Call of Duty Warzone gets its first objective mode

●      [16:21] Chromebooks enter into the gaming market?

●      [18:41] Razer Blade 17 looks impressive.

●      [20:54] Corsair launches a new liquid cooling unit.

●      [23:22] Razer launches Barracuda X

●      [25:33] Roocat Unveils the Torch Microphone. 

●      [28:46] We need to fight back against cheating.


People, Games, and Companies, We Mentioned in the Show

●      Elgato

●      Corsair

●      Razer

●      Roccat

●      EA

●      Company of Heroes 3

●      Destiny 2

●      Cheating

●      Overwatch

●      Chromebooks

●      RDR 2

●      Call of Duty: Warzone

●      Cyberpunk 2077

●      Titanfall 2

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