May 21, 2017

Marketers, stay politically neutral. Facebook’s new rules.

Marketers, stay politically neutral. Facebook’s new rules.

The next frontier of marketing

It's a new episode of Morning Marketing! This week I will talk about Facebook's ridiculous community standards for articles. Google updates and more! Enjoy!

Show Timeline:
Salesforce adds Einstein
Facebook adds new rules for articles
Facebook now targets posts for “fake news”
Google has Chrome to VR and AR
AMP gets more ads
CUI could be part of your next marketing strategy
Google actions are opened to developers
Features you missed for Google My Business
More ads coming to Google Play Store
The Google Buy Button is coming
Google Analytics is unifying non-AMP and AMP stats
You can schedule campaigns in Adwords offline
Alexa gets push notification
Facebook updates Messenger
Pinterest is getting pin stats
Youtube may open live to everyone?
Medium adds audio
Facebook is unifying their notificaitons
Women gets more likes than man on Instagram
Why you need to stay neutral
Highlights from the Show:
Hate speech is subjective. I could say communism is hate speech, but, another person may not see that.
Marketers, you're whole point is to maximize profits. That means doing business with people you do not agree with.
Every generation is different from the previous one.
CUI is the next frontier for marketing.

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