Oct. 9, 2021

My Impression of Battlefield 2042

My Impression of Battlefield 2042

What Is Good, Bad, and What I think the should have added

In This Episode…

DICE finally allowed players to test the open beta. I talk about every aspect of the game. How it feels, my impressions, what I wish they put in, and my overall impression of the beta.



Show Notes

●      [00:42] Overall Feel of Battlefield 2042

●      [03:10] Weapons

●      [07:56] Vechiles

●      [13:06] Air

●      [17:34] Map

●      [20:21] Classes

●      [21:49] Gadgets

●      [24:13] What I wish was there

●      [25:43] Final thougts

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●      Battlefield 2042

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