April 13, 2016

My thoughts on Facebook’s Conference and where social is going.

My thoughts on Facebook’s Conference and where social is going.

Plus I talk about the new features Google added to GA

Today's Episode

Welcome to another change is social media. Yes, live streaming is going to be the new “darling” of social media. 2016 is the year that we see brands divert more resources into live streaming. This means most brands cannot sit on the sidelines and watch anymore. You are going to have to choose the platform. There are a select few out there. The live streaming platforms are Periscope, Facebook live, Blab, and Google Hangouts on Air. They are mostly different from each other. Facebook is trying to own everything on the web and they are dong a good job of showing why. Facebook's dominance will be around for years. 2016 is shaping up to be an interesting year for marketing and social media.

Marketing and Social news discussed:

Snapchat adds emojis to faces

Google updates GA with better Adwords integration

GA has a new report called User Explorer

XHamster and why taking a stand could hurt your revenue

Facebook wants bots to be the new 1-800 number

Facebook rolls out Instant Articles to all publishers

Facebook and live streaming

My speculation of what social media could become

Tools to use:



Messenger Platform (beta)

Facebook Live API

Save for Facebook

How much does a website cost

Goals for Google Calendar





Where do you want to see social media go in the next 5 years?


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