Aug. 8, 2016

My Two Bytes on the State of Tech

My Two Bytes on the State of Tech

Plus, some juicy tech news!

Today's Episode

Tech, it's an interesting topic to discuss. There's always something great and terrible happening. It's in a constant state of change. It is the best analogy of life. We are all in a constant state change. Life demands us to change or die. Tech is at a major crossroad for change. If you know anything about it, this does not happen that often. We've seen some great innovations and some small ones. We have VR and AR coming of age. We have cars that will drive themselves. AI development is leading to some interesting experiments. I will predict that AI will be deployed to be our cyber security. They will be way more efficient than how we do it today.

Now, businesses are going to need to care about security. We've seen too many examples of hacks that lead to lawsuits. There have to be better protocols for stopping most of these hacks. This should not be happening once a month. This needs to stop. Companies need to find a better way. Please, back up your data.

Anyways, enjoy this episode!

Tech News Decoded: was bought by Walmart

Micros was hacked… oh my!

Yahoo launches a way to watch TV on a website. What?!?!?!

My opinion on the state of tech.

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We are at a major crossroads in tech.

Everyone's favorite tech company Oracle was hacked.

Wow, I wish Walmart would throw a cool 3 billion in cash my way.


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