April 30, 2021

No, Mie's New Skin is Not Cultural Appropriation

No, Mie's New Skin is Not Cultural Appropriation

It's Ridiculous

In This Episode…

Gaming journalists have always been on a slippery slope of pettiness. They do not focus on the important things and choose to only see race. Not only is the harmful, but it’s also the least interesting thing about people. However, we now have a new non-controversy about hair. Who cares and I talk about why it does not matter?


Show Notes

●      [00:43] Overwatch 2 is in good hands?                         

●      [02:35] Crysis Remastered fun new update!               

●      [04:24] Predator Hunting Ground lands on Steam                  

●      [06:46] Time to update your NVIDIA Drivers!             

●      [07:58] AMD promises to have more GPUs available.

●      [10:33] Metro Exodus is getting an enhanced version.

●      [12:22] Elite Dangerous Odyssey lets you play with your main account.

●      [14:23] Battlefield 6 could be coming to Xbox Game Pass?

●      [16:31] Valorant has a new map.

●      [18:18] Microsoft update broken gaming.

●      [19:15] Why Woke Gaming Journalist Need To Pick Better Battles.

People, Games, and Companies, We Mentioned in the Show

●      Overwatch

●      Overwatch 2

●      Elite Dangerous

●      AMD

●      NVIDIA

●      Predator: Hunting Grounds

●      Metro Exodus

●      Valorant

●      Crysis Remastered

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