Dec. 7, 2016

Pebble is no more and Fitbit you suck for your deal

Pebble is no more and Fitbit you suck for your deal

The real reason for the Note 7 demise

Today's Episode
The rumors were swirling for weeks about Pebble being acquired. Well, their tech was acquired. That means there no more Pebbles. Fitbit bought the tech and engineers but did not care about anything else. This means Pebble is refunding all the Pebble Time 2 and Pebble Core. It's sad to see a small company with a pretty good product go under. It's even worse to see another company not care brand or old products. Fitbit is going to make some enemies. Time will tell if this was a good deal for Fitbit.

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Tech News Decoded:
Tech companies make a VR consortium
Sprint loves Pokemon Go!
Samsung Galaxy S8 may not have a headphone jack
A report brings to light what may have been the flaw with the Note 7s
Amazon is pioneering a new way to shop
Hackers can guess your Visa card in seconds
Slack gets better integration with Google Drive
Facebook may be allowed to do e-payments in Europe
Facebook makes a tool to deal with fake news
Tribe has some explaining to do
T-Mobile is changing the phone numbers
Pandora has something new
Trump is meeting with tech leaders
Europe is fine with the Microsoft/LinkedIn deal
Instagram is dealing with comments
Google updates video quality on Duo
The demise of Pebble
and more!
Apps/Programs to Try This Week:
Pandora Premium
CakeResume V2
Tweetable Quotes:
Fitbit, it would be better for you to keep Pebble watches going.

I guess I'm old school for wanting a headphone jack.

The Note 7 had a design problem from the report.

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