June 15, 2016

Pinterest buys Fleksy and Why you should care about Local Search.

Pinterest buys Fleksy and Why you should care about Local Search.

Plus, advice on why you should have a website.

Today's Episode

Do you ever feel like marketing is becoming a daily event of catching up with new features, rules or programs coming out? I know I sometimes feel like that. The good news is, there are places like this to help. I also found businesses like Buffer and Hootsuite to be great resources too! It's great to see Youtube creating apps for small businesses. This allows them to create their own videos or ask for help. Sometimes, SMBs do not have the time or energy to put in videos. Even though it is the most popular media consumed on the internet, it does take a lot of time. However, businesses should be figuring out how to do it well. There are so many apps out, you have options.

Anyways, let's get the show start!

Marketing News Analyzed:

Snapchat is upping its game on ads and analytics

Twitter is letting brands target ads based on emojis

Youtube reveals Youtube Director. A way for small businesses to make video ads

A new social intelligence tool that lets brands search organic and paid posts

Facebook released new tools for location advertising and analytics

A new survey suggests that Android Pay is the most popular P2P service

Pinterest buys Flesky

Pinterest updates its advertising tools

and more!

Programs/Websites and Guides:

Buffer Social Media Guides, Checklist and more



Youtube Director


What do you think about Local SEO?


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