July 19, 2016

Pokemon Go gets a DDoS Threat and Twitter gets verified

Pokemon Go gets a DDoS Threat and Twitter gets verified

The FBI has a new lawsuit and 5G may be coming soon!

Today's Episode

Pokemon Go, who would have thought it would be such a huge hit. It's so big, that hackers want to take it down. Now brace yourself, you will not have it for one day. I know, there's some tissues in the bathroom. This is a credible threat. Hackers love to do Dedicated Denial of Service attacks. It's the most common one used. Now, some hackers get more sophisticated in how they do it, but, they still do the same thing.

Great news for people on Twitter! You can now ask to be a verified account. Now, this might now happen to everyone, but, at least the process is easier. This might make more people verified.

Anyways, scroll down to hear the show!

Tech News Analyzed:

Pokemon is getting and DDoS attack on August 1st. Plan accordingly

Pokemon is launching in Japan on Wednesday, July 19, 2016

Google launches Arts & Culture app.

The FBI gets slapped with a lawsuit.

Brazil blocks Whatsapp again

Twitter opens up its verified account to everyone!

You can now watch video on Facebook offline on Android

Snapchat and Bitmoji are now bffs!

Apple Safari may use WebP

Google releases final preview of Android N

Coffee Meets Begeal updates to accommodate the genders

Zoosk releases Lively to take on Tinder

and more!

Apps to Try:



Tiny Bank



Tweetable Quotes:

It's now even easier to get verified on Twitter. No, having one follower does not count.

Oh no! Pokemon Go is going down August 1st. What will we do?!?!

Let's be honest, the government is slow on getting the latest tech.

At least Coffee Meets Bagel is treating the genders fairly.


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