April 20, 2016

Snapchat accused of blackfacing and the age of outrage

Snapchat accused of blackfacing and the age of outrage

Business should take note.

Today's Episode

Doing business today can be a complicated mess. That's not to say it has never been complicated. However, businesses have to be careful about what they say, do, think, feel and place. Even employees have to watch everything they do. Snapchat came under fire today for their “blackface.” Now maybe, it was not the best idea, but if it was in partnership with the Bob Marley Estate, then, who is to blame? This is the problem businesses face. As a marketing professional ideas are going to have to be thought about. You are going to have to tear them apart and reassemble them. Find out if there is an “outrage” in your idea. I will say, that you cannot make everyone happy. That does not mean you should not just throw up your hands and do whatever ideas comes from your head. However, businesses should take risks, but, they should be calculated. Be sure you are equipped to handle the outrage. If you need to, update your crisis communication plan. As the boy scouts always say, “be prepared.” Now, onto the show!

Marketing News Discussed:

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Facebook is looking to get you paid in your posts

You can play podcasts in Google search

Google bets on AMP in their news

The changing face of search

SnapChat is not feeling the love today

Why business needs to risk but be aware of the backlash

Apps/Programs to try:


Shazam for Brands




Is this Bob Marley filter that bad? Or are we just mad about it, to be mad?


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