Aug. 28, 2017

Snapchat is doing fine, and Marketing go back to the basics

Snapchat is doing fine, and Marketing go back to the basics

Its ok to ask why.

Today's Episode

Snapchat has been under fire by not doing as well, as many people would have liked. However, that's not true. Snapchat is getting more younger demographics than Facebook. The only saving grace for Facebook is Instagram. We could see the rise of Snapchat in the next 5 to 10 years.

Show Timeline:

More In-Stream Video ads come to Facebook Video
Instagram doing some co-broadcasting options
Facebook penalizing “fake news” in its algorithm
Facebook is retiring some ad opportunities
Marketing and Podcasts
Forrester claims social media ad tech “immature”
57% of traffic comes from Mobile.
LinkedIn adds native video to their site.
Google Introduces autoplay previews in its search
Bing now has color-labeled ads
The power of video
Why Snapchat is not dying and stop saying it is.
Ask why before strategy
Highlights from the Show:

If you're looking for an easy setup to podcasting try Anchor radio.

The co-broadcasting feature for Instagram is a good thing.

I hope when Facebook deems things fake, they do it in a balanced way.

LinkedIn finally gets into video. This is great!

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