March 30, 2016

Social media news and please stop spamming Instagram

Social media news and please stop spamming Instagram

I talk about Snapchat and Pinterest How-To pins.

Today's Episode

Today on Marketing Blend, I talk the social media news that matters. Snapchat's update and the impact it will have on social media as a whole. Snapchat is getting popular with brands. I have seen more and more brands jump into this space. It will be interesting to see the impact it will have on the industry. Marketers will have to figure out a strategy around using the different options Snapchat offers. Snapchat is growing up and the user is going to be as well. Snapchat is growing and Instagram is having trouble. Since their announcement of a feed change, the users have not been happy. Many have turned to doing some strange tactics that may hurt them in the long-run. Only time will tell if what they do will work.

Marketing Topics worth discussing:

Pinterest adds, “How-to” pins

Snapchat goes 2.0 on their chat

Snapchat made QR codes popular again

Google Adwords redesign

Twitter's new picture description

Instagram adds 60-second video

Instagram tries to quell anger over feed change

Why it's important to have an owned space

Why asking your followers to turn on push notification is a bad idea

Question for you:

Do you have an owned space? No, then why not?

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