May 14, 2021

Streamer's Focus on Your Craft

Streamer's Focus on Your Craft

Remember What's Important

In This Episode…

I talk about 80s action star coming to Call of Duty Warzone, Overwatch has a video about nothing, GTA 5 modders make it look life-like, Days Gone missing GPU features, E3 2021, Battlefield 6, hardware updates, and more!


Show Notes

●      [01:25] Overwatch had a video about nothing.                        

●      [02:09] Die Hard coming to Call of Duty Warzone?                 

●      [03:43] This mod makes GTA 5 look life-like?             

●      [05:14] Days Gone will not have DLSS or Ray Tracing support at launch?        

●      [06:33] Battlefield 6 will be a live service and trailer release in June?

●      [09:16] EA Play Live will not be held in June?

●      [11:23] New details on what E3 2021 will be like?

●      [13:31] Nvidia gets a much-needed update?

●      [16:28] Nvidia MGPUs laptops launch?

●      [18:06] Corsair talks about DRR5 RAM?

●      [20:07] AMD DLSS feature releasing next month?

●      [22:10] AMD 7900xt will be much better than the 6900xt?

●      [24:22] Why the Call of Duty Ghost Actor Controversy is a drama-filled mess and why no one should do this?


People, Games, and Companies, We Mentioned in the Show

●      Blizzard

●      Call of Duty

●      EA

●      Battlefield

●      Nvidia

●      AMD

●      GTA 5

●      Die Hard

●      Corsair

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●      Facebook Gaming

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