Dec. 3, 2016

Talking about the Game Awards, Overwatch, Rocket League, and more!

Talking about the Game Awards, Overwatch, Rocket League, and more!

I talk about why I don't watch award shows.

Today's Episode
The Game Awards was on Thursday. I did not see it because I was busy. I do think most people do not watch this because of many reasons. They seem to be like all the other awards shows out there. I rarely watch any of them. Why? I really don't care about the awards. It's nice when a game you like get recognition, but, gamer's play games. We care about reviews. That's really about it. Award shows are for the industry. They may have been for the gamers at one time, but, gaming is mainstream now. Oh well, game on!

Find out more below!

Gaming News Pwnd:
No Man's Sky Updates
Overwatch new map?
Star Wars Battlefront hearts Rogue One
Prey 2 impressions
Play Red Dead Redemption on PC?
Mass Effect Andromeda Impression
Play Titanfall 2 for free?
Sales are not looking good for Titanfall 2
Bulletstorm gets a remastered version
Rocket League new map?
Winners of the Gaming Awards
The reason I did not watch the Gaming Awards
Gaming Deals:
GOG Winter Sale
Steep On Sale
Titanfall 2 On Sale
Titanfall On Sale
Overwatch: Origins Edition
Sniper Elite 4 On Sale
Dawn of Andromeda On Sale
Rainbow Six Siege On Sale
CS: GO On Sale
XCOM 2 On Sale
Tweetable Quotes:
The new Overwatch map has hazards. This is going to be interesting.

I don't know if the elusive target should be a woman.

Rocket League is finally going to the final frontier.

It was EA's fault for Titanfall 2 sales.

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