Nov. 22, 2019

The Best PC Gaming Gifts For Your Gamer Part 2

The Best PC Gaming Gifts For Your Gamer Part 2

It's Expensive, but, get the right gear!

I continue giving my list of some of the best gaming gear to buy this holiday season. Last week I went over the mice, keyboards and headsets. This week is about stream decks, capture cards, lights, and green screen. Everything to get your gamer into content creation. Gaming and content creation is an easy step for most gamers that want to record their gameplay. If you're looking to get your gamer into that, this is the best episode for you!


Show Notes:

  • Half-Life Alyx 1:12
  • Frostbite was great but difficult 3:20
  • Anthem may be getting a complete rework 4:30
  • What to expect from Age of the Empire 4 8:09
  • Path of Exile 2 announced 11:22
  • Gear to Get Your Gamer 12:58


Amazon Idea List

Adobe Creative Suite

Affinity Photos

DaVinic Resolve 16

Luminar 4


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