Nov. 15, 2019

The Best PC Gaming Gifts For Your Gamer

The Best PC Gaming Gifts For Your Gamer

It may be expensive, but, they will love you!

The holiday season is almost here! It means that you are scrambling to find gifts to get your gamer, or, your the gamer that needs to find gifts that your loved ones can get you. You're in luck! This week, I'm talking about the best gaming mice and keyboards to get for your gamer. Scroll down to find the link and get out my Amazon Idea list! It's never to early to get the best gifts now!


Show Notes:

  • Prey Dev closes but gets saved? 1:45
  • Ubisoft wants you to fix their game 3:16
  • Overwatch Head Jeff Kaplan has opinions on the Hong Kong Controversy 5:15
  • Echo Fox is no more 6:36
  • Stadia Launch Titles 7:20
  • New Overwatch skins 9:23
  • Pillars of Eternity 3 may not happen 10:07
  • Ubisoft Spain tweets about Sam Fisher 10:54
  • Call of Duty gets a new mode, maps, and fixes 12:05
  • Ninja weighs in on the Fortnite Pro Ban 15:04
  • Doom goes Borderlands 17:08
  • Epic acquires Quixel 17:47
  • John Carmack does not think VR is there yet 18:50
  • Gaming Gear You Should buy for Your Gamer this Holiday 20:20


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