May 3, 2016

The tale of upgrading your computer gone wrong and more!

The tale of upgrading your computer gone wrong and more!

It was not pretty last weekend, but there is a lesson to be learned!

Today's Episode

I learned a valuable lesson this weekend, that is if you want to update your BIOS in your computer, flash it. This weekend I wanted to install a new graphics card; the problem was, the motherboard did not like it. I was not booting to Windows and there was a problem with the motherboard. I searched the web trying to find a fix and found one. I had to update the BIOS. I found the manufacturers new program and it gave me an update. I decided to update the BIOS that way. Well, that was a big mistake. Windows crashed, there was no way to repair it. I had to buy a new SSD and install Windows fresh, which that lead to more problems. There is a happy ending, I did get my new graphics card installed and everything is working fine, but, I lost all my old files. The lesson here, always flash your BIOS. Never, I mean, never do it through a program on Windows. Let's get on with the show!

Tech News I Discuss Today:

DISH will repair your iPhone at your house

Instagram adds more ads

Twitter wants people to be connected with the “Connect” tab

Giphy makes a keyboard

Google updates its keyboard

The smart plug may not be what you want

Adblock wants you to pay your favorite publishers

Intel kills it's Atom processors

Why you should properly update your BIOS

Apps/Bots/Programs to try:

HipMunk Bot

WTF is that? bot

EasilyDo Mail


Giphy Keyboard

Question of the Day:

Do you build your own computers?


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