Aug. 19, 2016

This episode has New Games, VR, Updates and blunders

This episode has New Games, VR, Updates and blunders

Plus, my impressions of No Man's Sky

Today's Episode

The latest blunder in a long line of blunders in the gaming industry is Metal Gear. What the heck? I do not understand why they made it a co-op zombie game. This just sounds slapped on. I know the creator of the series left, but, come up with something original. If we are seeing the sad end to Metal Gear, then so be it. I am not interested in this at all. However, Deus Ex is coming out! That looks to continue what the prequel did so well. I cannot wait for this.

Anyways, on with the show!

Gaming News Pwned:

AMD's new CPU could be awesome!

Nvidia releases a 3 GB version of the 1060.

Deus Ex has lots of options

No Man's Sky has a new patch

Overwatch gets a new map

Deus Ex will not support DirectX 12 at launch.

Deus Ex has a new trailer

Dishonored 2 trailer shows a good time

Konami takes Metal Gear into a weird spot.

Overwatch has a new map!

Overwatch trolls the trolls

Logitech has a new slim gaming mouse

and more!

Gaming Sales:

Far Cry Franchise 75 % off

Depth 75% off

Capcom Catalogue up to 80% off

Witcher Series up to 80% off

Digerati Distribution up to 90% off

Weekend Promo

Tweetable Quotes:

Seriously, Metal Gear does not need zombies.

Deus Ex has a lot of options. PC gamers love options!

I think No Man's Sky set out what it wanted to accomplish.


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