Dec. 28, 2016

Today’s Tech News and Looking for a Bright Tech Future

Today’s Tech News and Looking for a Bright Tech Future

I am looking forward to another interesting year!

Today's Episode
Well, look at that, 2016 is almost done. Isn't it glorious? Yes! This episode is going to be looking ahead to the tech future! Plus, some tech news. I will look back at what happened in 2016 and what I want to see in 2017. There are just some things that need to die… Flash! Please finally go away! Plus, these dubious bullying rules and “fake news.” I'm looking at you Facebook and Twitter. I want these social networks to stop policing and get rid of tailoring feeds. Tailored feeds are what got us into this hyper drama culture we face. I always think fake news is subjective to the person. We want to believe in what most people deem true. Now, that doesn't mean I don't think there aren't some universal truths. I'm tired of one side calling the other side's reporting fake. That's not a debate and we need to be open to the opposing opinion. However, I do concede there are some sites that do misleading headlines and poor research skills, but, that is a minority. Let's hope some of this gets resolved in 2017!

Show Timeline:
South Korea fines Qualcomm
Sylvania smart bulb connects to Apple Homekit
Amazon sells more Echo's this holiday season
Twitter releases new 360 live video
Firefox to stop support for Windows XP and Vista in 2017
A cool new mechanical SNES keyboard.
Looking back on the year
What tech future can I find in 2017
Apps/Programs to Try this Week:
Raspi Boy
PostBot 3 for Instagram
Highlights of the Show:
This SNES mechanical keyboard is bringing back all the fond memories!

I think 2017 is AMD's year.

I really want us all to stop finding drama everywhere in 2017.

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