Sept. 14, 2016

Twitter get longer tweets and tips on writing a crisis plan!

Twitter get longer tweets and tips on writing a crisis plan!

Plus, talking about rebranding and the latest in digital marketing

Today's Episode

Nobody ever wants to be in a crisis, but, many businesses find themselves in one. The honest truth, your company is going to be in one. That's unfortunate, but, there are ways to be prepared. The best way is to have a crisis plan. This will give you the best way to deal with a crisis. A well thought out and researched crisis plan can be the best gift any marketers or PR practitioner can do. On this episode, I go through the basic of a crisis plan. I also talk about how to do a rebranding right. There are many companies that do this. Some do it well, others, need work. Do not be the latter. It's important to do a rebranding your customers can get on board with.

Anyways, scroll down to listen to the show!

Marketing News Analyzed:

Youtube becomes more social

Google introduces a new ad for Youtube

Vimeo has a new business tier plan.

Snapchat adds retargeting because it's creepy?

Facebook adds a buy button and integration with bots

Instagram has a tool to combat comment abuse

You can move Google Analytics properties

Facebook and Twitter join forces to fight clickbait

Twitter releases new features for tweets this month

Get ready for Apple Pay

Handling a Crisis

Doing rebranding right

Apps/Programs To Try:

Thrive for Email

Tweetable Quotes:

Finally, you only have to worry about the words being too long on Twitter.

Be sure to properly research when writing your crisis plan.

Google is finally doing social media right.


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