Sept. 7, 2016

Twitter not in good shape and why you need to look at that data

Twitter not in good shape and why you need to look at that data

Plus, all the latest in marketing.

Today's Episode

Data is air for marketers. It is what we need to run a business. Without knowing what is going on, we are lost. Guessing cannot be a major part of marketing. Even the smartest people can be wrong. Data and analytics are the tools every marketing department needs. However, some marketers do not use it correctly. They see what is doing ok and keep doing the same thing. That's now what is going to make a company successful. A friendly reminder! Always use data to your best advantage!

Time for the show!

Marketing News Analyzed:

Adobe adds analytics for live video

Harvard Business Journal and using analytics for customer value.

Do not be filtered out by Google!

Google Analytics has a Google Now-like feature

Snapchat is on the rise

Skype for Teams is a real thing

LinkedIn is redesigning its business pages

Facebook is testing a new feature

Google does not like pop-ups

and more!

Apps/Programs to Try:

AVAST Password Manager

ZCast 2.0



Tweetable Quotes:

Skype for Teams could be great for Microsoft.

The new redesign for businesses pages on LinkedIn looks great!

Google has sent a message to marketers. No pop-ups.


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