Nov. 1, 2019

We Need a New Innovation in Downloading Games

We Need a New Innovation in Downloading Games

The Game Files are too Big!

It's getting ridiculous. The download file sizes for video games is insane. Call of Duty Modern Warfare is 128 GB. Red Dead Redemption 2 is 100 GB. There needs to be a new way to download games. I talk about this and why with data caps, it's getting difficult to download games. This episodes discuss a better alternative to these ballooning file sizes.

Show Notes:

  • Blizzard loses a sponsor over Hong Kong
  • Riot Games are making an FPS game
  • EA Returns to Steam
  • Fallout 76 has a subscription plan
  • Ubisoft admits that Ghost Recon: Breakpoint is a disaster
  • Blade has new competition
  • EA to Release new Battlefield and Dragon Age in 2022
  • Apex has 70 million players
  • Why Game and Internet Companies need a new way of Downloading games

Note: Data by WePC.

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