Jan. 13, 2017

Welcome Resident Evil, Nintendo Switch up the game, lawsuits, lawsuits

Welcome Resident Evil, Nintendo Switch up the game, lawsuits, lawsuits

It is the Wii U 2.0? Plus, Overwatch and Rainbow Six updates.

Today's Episode
Nintendo Switch, am I the only one that things it's Wii U 2.0? or maybe, maybe this is what the Wii U should have been. I talk about PC gaming but this is important to discuss. The relaunch of the Nintendo console is interesting. The Wii U is already out the door. I hope this is a success. Nintendo needs a success in this sector. If not, they will go the way of Sega. You can learn more about what I think about the new console in my podcast. Enjoy!

Show's Timeline:
Epic and Microsoft sued for Cole Train… oh good!
Mount and Blade2: Bannerlord is still in development
Scalebound canceled
Star Citizen will permaban cheaters
Zenimax and Oculus set for court date
People care about who you can bang in Mass Effect…
Bioware shows you the Mass Effect ship
Welcome to Resident Evil mansion
Halo Wars 2 finally launches its beta for PC
Dishonored 2 gets a difficulty scaler in new update
Beware! Windows 10 new update messes up multiple monitors support
So, about Half-life 3…
Overwatch PTR has some Roadhog changes
Verdun adds the Scots
Rainbow Six Siege updates and fixes things
Blizzard made nerf the pirates if played too much
DA 2 Exalted March canceled because of Frostbite engine.
Why I think Nintendo Switch is WiiU 2.0
Gaming Deals:
Resident Evil 7 on Sale and Free Game Special
Battlefield 4 on Sale
ExoPlant: First Contact
WatchDog 2 Weekend Deal
Tropico Series Weekend Deal
Novus Incepito on Sale
Highlights from the Show:
This Gears of War lawsuit seems suspect.

I've played Roadhog and his hook is broken.

Am I the only one that thinks Nintendo Switch is the Wii U 2.0?

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