June 4, 2021

What Everyone is Getting Wrong about DLSS vs FSR

What Everyone is Getting Wrong about DLSS vs FSR

Are they the same?

In This Episode…

We have Computex going on this week and while AMD did have some great announcements; I feel tech and gaming influencers were hailing AMD’s praises and a little early for FSR. First, we do not know if it is better than DLSS. If history is any indicator, then it is not going to be better. Second, AMD is not using any machine learning or AI, so I am impressed with Overwatch and No Man’s Sky updates!


Show Notes

●      [00:59] Overwatch has a new patch update.               

●      [02:48] No Man’s Sky new update is live.      

●      [04:28] Battlefield 6 could be going to Xbox Game Pass and Trailer unveiling next week.

●      [05:42] Elite Dangerous: Odyssey gets another huge update.              

●      [07:13] Valorant is a year old with huge stats.

●      [08:28] Nvidia has new drivers.

●      [09:21] Crytek will release all three games remastered.

●      [10:32] Nvidia and Valve team up to help Linux.

●      [12:42] AMD unveils their 3D chipset for Ryzen CPUs.

●      [14:23] RTX 3080 Ti goes on sale and sold out.

●      [16:26] DLSS vs FSR, what everyone gets wrong about these upscalers.


People, Games, and Companies, We Mentioned in the Show

●      AMD

●      Nvidia

●      No Man’s Sky

●      Overwatch

●      Valorant

●      Elite Dangerous: Odyssey

●      Battlefield

●      Crytek

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