Dec. 18, 2021

Why 2021 was the Worst Year for Release New Video Games

Why 2021 was the Worst Year for Release New Video Games

The Pandemic Finally Got the Gaming Industry

In This Episode…

I talk about video game sales down, Overwatch Winter Wonderland, Windows 10 vs. 11 and why 2021 was a terrible year for video game releases. Most of this is due to the pandemic. Even though most gamers will not take that excuse. We finally saw how bad it was to develop a game in 2021.


Show Notes

●      [00:38] Video Game sales are down from November 2020 to November 2021

●      [02:43] Overwatch Winter Wonderland is here

●      [04:35] Showdown between Windows 10 vs. Windows 11 in gaming performance

●      [06:06] Why 2021 was a bleak year for gaming releases


People and Companies, We Mentioned in the Show

●      Activision Blizzard

●      Call of Duty Warzone

●      Halo Infinite Campaign

●      Battlefield 2042

●      Windows 11

●      Overwatch

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