July 20, 2016

You can make viral videos and why video matters on social media

You can make viral videos and why video matters on social media

Plus, some tools to try this week!

Today's Episode

Viral videos, they are what every company wants and some, cannot produce. Everyone tries to go viral and sometimes it works, other times it goes nowhere. There are even some instances that it goes horribly wrong. Making great content can be hard. However, there are some markers that you can use to make your content better. Emotional markers of happiness, surprise, etc. can help make your content stand out. Next time you're making content be sure to put some emotion in it.

Marketing News Analyzed:

HootSuite adds more ways to share content.

Amazon Prime Day was a hit, but there's room for improvement

Naive video is the best content to share on Facebook

Facebook adds new tools for live video

Facebook now tries to get users to install mobile apps

Pokemon Go is a hit and you should use it to your advantage

Likqid supports HTM5 and Flash video

Mozilla to stop supporting Flash next month

Tumblr ads are not doing very well

Mobile-location data show who will benefit from Sport's Authority closure

LinkedIn may finally get into video

How to make viral videos

and more!

Programs to Try:


Quuu Promote


Notarize for Business

HubSpot ROI Calculator




Simple Todo App

Happy Belly

Tweetable Quotes:

It would be a waste to not get your business in on Pokemon Go.

I like Pinterest ads. These new tools just make it better.

Your company needs to find a way to start making videos. They are the best content to share.

If your company is still using Flash, you need to convert over to HTML5.


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